Life Lived, Life Understood

Have you heard of the German author and social critic Thomas Mann?  I never managed to find the original text, so I don’t know for certain that he said it, but supposedly he once wrote, “I would rather participate in life than write 1000 stories.”

The idea, I think, being that he held the experience of life in higher regard than its recounting or documenting.

The film Waking Life puts it in the context that (to paraphrase) life must be either lived or understood, although the character speaking of it then goes on to say, “… life understood is life lived.”

Well, I haven’t written in the past few days, and it’s because I’ve been living life; and life?  Well, life has been riding me.

Over last weekend (starting Saturday, April 22, 2017) my life took a huge unexpected twist, and immense change.  I went from being in a non-committal relationship to having a live-in girlfriend in a matter of two days.  I also found myself in a position of extreme responsibility for her.

At this point, there’s too much controversy (and legal ramification) to say much of anything, but suffice it to say that I’ve been swallowed whole by a twisted back-stabbing/revenge plot cop-drama after-school-special kind of day-time television show.  It’s very “Orange is the New Black“.  I was never a fan of those kinds of shows, and I’m even less a fan now that it’s real life.

I don’t mean to sound like I’m complaining– it’s just a huge development.  It’s hard to focus on anything else when something this big falls into your lap.  As the events become a little more manageable however, I imagine I’ll have more time to write consistently.  After all, I’m still living life.  I’m not sure I entirely understand what it all means yet, or the truth of anything going on around me.  The philosopher Soren Kirkegaard said that life can only be understood backward, even though we must live it forward.  I guess that means I’ll have to wait until I can examine it backward.  I tend to be impatient, so that may be difficult.  Then again, life is difficult.

One thing’s for sure, though: it certainly isn’t boring.


Tekken 6: An In-Depth Review

With the advent of Tekken 7’s release, I wanted to revisit the games previous canon title:

The most important thing to consider, when trying to decide whether or not to bother even playing Tekken 6, is that it is a TEKKEN game.  Meaning?  It’s awesome.

For fighting-game fans, Tekken is the ultimate experience.  Every single character is unique not only in appearance and personality, but their fighting styles (averaging around 110 moves each) are all completely different, with only a few of the most basic moves seen repeated in the over 40-character roster.

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I open my front door, and peer out at the “world” around me: I see a serene suburban street, pretty quiet with but a few cars passing now and then.  It’s drizzly out, everything is coated in a thin wet veneer, and somewhat sparkling as the sun cascades softly through the mild cloud-cover.

I hear birds chirping, see beautiful green vegetation all around, Continue reading

More Bull from NYC

As if there wasn’t already enough, New York City, NY, is dousing the country once again with a steaming pile of… well, you see where this is going.

The issue surrounds a statue on Lower Broadway of a “Fearless Girl”, crafted by artist Kristen Visbal. The problem? It was placed deliberately, squaring off against an existing statue at the same location: Arturo Di Modica’s “Charging Bull”, which had formerly been a gift to the city after the major market crash in the 80’s, as a symbol of Americans’ resilience, strength, and prosperity.

Now that this “Fearless Girl” statue has been placed counter to it, the entire Continue reading

Another Sleepless Night in Bed Alone

I feel like I fell in a cell,
I never was mentally well,
Least not since the age of 12.
Deeper inside my fire,
You may wanna call me a liar,
But there are purposes ever higher
That I desire.
I cry like I’m singin’ a choir,
My pain is a funeral pyre,
We soak ‘er in gas and then fry ‘er.

Rewrite midnight framed minds.
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Balance Shifters

I write this for myself, and for you.

Is it more for me?

Is that relevant? If it benefits us equally?

Does it matter if I write for my own ego?

If this is to make me feel better or bigger, does it really make a difference, as long as the words hit home?

You matter.  You are important.

As far as anything in this entire universe does, including the universe itself, Continue reading