More Bull from NYC

As if there wasn’t already enough, New York City, NY, is dousing the country once again with a steaming pile of… well, you see where this is going.

The issue surrounds a statue on Lower Broadway of a “Fearless Girl”, crafted by artist Kristen Visbal. The problem? It was placed deliberately, squaring off against an existing statue at the same location: Arturo Di Modica’s “Charging Bull”, which had formerly been a gift to the city after the major market crash in the 80’s, as a symbol of Americans’ resilience, strength, and prosperity.

Now that this “Fearless Girl” statue has been placed counter to it, the entire Continue reading

Another Sleepless Night in Bed Alone

I feel like I fell in a cell,
I never was mentally well,
Least not since the age of 12.
Deeper inside my fire,
You may wanna call me a liar,
But there are purposes ever higher
That I desire.
I cry like I’m singin’ a choir,
My pain is a funeral pyre,
We soak ‘er in gas and then fry ‘er.

Rewrite midnight framed minds.
Mind-frame stagefright blind games, Continue reading

Balance Shifters

I write this for myself, and for you.

Is it more for me?

Is that relevant? If it benefits us equally?

Does it matter if I write for my own ego?

If this is to make me feel better or bigger, does it really make a difference, as long as the words hit home?

You matter.  You are important.

As far as anything in this entire universe does, including the universe itself, Continue reading

The Factory Diner (and #2)

I really wanted to start off my reviews section on a positive note, but given the difficulty with which I’ve had in getting myself to finally sit down and write as much as I’d like to, I’m going to go ahead and give myself a pass on this one.  After all, integrity is more important than sunshine and rainbows, right?

That being said, let’s talk about The Factory Diner on 1st St., in Farmington, MO.  It’s in something of a building complex, with a pretty neat architectural lay-out.  I think the building used to be an actual factory of some sort, and it has been redesigned into a multi-purpose, multi-business sort of micro-mall.  There’s a local cultural shop, formerly a tattoo-shop, a little place selling kitsch, and something like a bath-and-body-type store– and of course, the Factory Diner.

My first impression with this place was pretty positive.  It had a nice (while fairly light) Continue reading

Writing About Writing . . . or Not?

If you read my “about” page, I totally warned you.  Totally.


Yeah, that’s the kind of language and attitude you can expect from me and this site.  I’m pretty casual.  On to the point:


Getting this blog set up and functioning the way I want it to has been pretty trying.  I’m sure anyone reading this who has set up their own blogs have gone through the same hassle– at least if you didn’t have anyone helping you to do the set-up.  Of course, you might be the type Continue reading

Shot Through the Foot, and I’m to Blame

             (Trump gives this country a bad name.)



“How I Was Wrong”

Pride. Ego. Arrogance. Helluva thing, each of them are. So powerful, so insidious. Throughout most of my life, I had a very bad self-esteem issue, coupled with a depression issue. I spent more than the first half of my life believing that everyone else would always be proven “right” over me, and I was therefore wrong. I felt like I wasn’t as good as anyone, let alone better– so “pride” didn’t seem like it could really be an issue for me. Boy was I wrong. After (mostly) overcoming those issues, I became immediately aware of the danger of pride, and sought to mitigate it. I began to develop myself spiritually, attempt to maintain a “higher consciousness” to keep my pride and ego in check– and largely, I succeeded. Unfortunately, like I said: pride is insidious. It’s when you think you have it beat, that it comes back in spades, and takes you from behind while you think you’re standing on its throat. This is how I succumbed to my latest fall. Continue reading