More Bull from NYC

As if there wasn’t already enough, New York City, NY, is dousing the country once again with a steaming pile of… well, you see where this is going.

The issue surrounds a statue on Lower Broadway of a “Fearless Girl”, crafted by artist Kristen Visbal. The problem? It was placed deliberately, squaring off against an existing statue at the same location: Arturo Di Modica’s “Charging Bull”, which had formerly been a gift to the city after the major market crash in the 80’s, as a symbol of Americans’ resilience, strength, and prosperity.

Now that this “Fearless Girl” statue has been placed counter to it, the entire Continue reading



Once, there was a wolf that lived in a cave near a sheep ranch. The ranch was well-protected by armed farmers and sheep-dogs specifically trained to fight and kill wolves. In the early days, it was nearly impossible for the wolf to get a sheep when Continue reading

Shot Through the Foot, and I’m to Blame

             (Trump gives this country a bad name.)



“How I Was Wrong”

Pride. Ego. Arrogance. Helluva thing, each of them are. So powerful, so insidious. Throughout most of my life, I had a very bad self-esteem issue, coupled with a depression issue. I spent more than the first half of my life believing that everyone else would always be proven “right” over me, and I was therefore wrong. I felt like I wasn’t as good as anyone, let alone better– so “pride” didn’t seem like it could really be an issue for me. Boy was I wrong. After (mostly) overcoming those issues, I became immediately aware of the danger of pride, and sought to mitigate it. I began to develop myself spiritually, attempt to maintain a “higher consciousness” to keep my pride and ego in check– and largely, I succeeded. Unfortunately, like I said: pride is insidious. It’s when you think you have it beat, that it comes back in spades, and takes you from behind while you think you’re standing on its throat. This is how I succumbed to my latest fall. Continue reading