Hare Today, Gone Tomorrow

Runny runny little bunny,
Your cotton-tail does bounce,
And welcomes friends and predators,
With every fluffy ounce.

How quickly does your hind-end rise,
How neatly turns your head,
And invites mates and monsters to
Go lonely, sad, unfed.

Runny runny little bunny,
Your lengthy ears desired,
So silky smoothe and graceful, like
Elaborate webs, expired.

How shifty dart your eyes about,
How neatly spread your claws,
How quickly you can make it out
Of reach of hugs and jaws.

Runny runny little bunny,
I wonder how times pass,
When never are you sitting still,
But saunter through the grass.

How sweetly rings your chirpy sound,
How cheerful is your song,
Should one, who for you, longs, come ’round,
How quickly you are gone.


Life is a Beautiful Tragedy

Life is a beautiful tragedy,

Lies are reality,

That’s the duality of the

Human animality.

Craven principalities,

Hypocrites are all I see–

With their bling-blings and

Doing the same things,

Yet they feel like judging ME!


Patriotism, conservativism,

And surface Christianity!

All these things are filled

With ill-willed

Sycophantic sheep!

Obsequious, pedantic creeps!

People to be despised,

Spreading lies and

Obscuring truth.

Corrupting our planet and

Confusing our youth!

With hands to the skies

They damn their own family,

Can’t live their own lives,

Too cowardly for chancing things.

I don’t blame God or those who follow,

I blame people so hollow,

Mind fields that fell fallow,

Faith much too shallow to

Contemplate discerningly.

And fuck your mom too,

If she’s not on board with me.

I live life passionately,

I crash like tsunamis,

I burn up like TNT!

I’m not corrosive–

Just a little explosive,

But I live in the moment: FREE!

Black & White

I’m glad to see you’ve all joined me here tonight,
I’ve invited you to this place to discuss the black and white.
I’m not talking about race (altho that could be easily segued),
I’m talking about the motivations of people throwing shade:

You see, it’s easy to inevitably get swayed,
I personally, have occasionally gotten played,
By the vacuous systems of distraction on the web,
Which appeal to us in moments of weakness as if we’re plebs;

But the key point, that on this evening I’d like to make,
Is that assertions of dichotomous absolutes are just fake.
No single thing that’s right means that it’s opposite is always bad;
As if having two moms being okay means that it’s wrong to have two dads.

It’s like thinking that if chocolate’s good, vanilla’s gross;
It’s like thinking you can never again have something doughy because you like toast;
As if someone who’s usually wrong can never be right,
Or the night time and darkness are evil because we like light.

You see, I’ve said it before in many platforms but I’ll say again:
Duality is nature’s reality, my good friends;
And I’ve yet to discover enough ways to sufficiently say,
That in between the black and white are a billion shades of gray–

For that matter let’s discuss even that black and white,
Because I betcha I can find a shade darker, and more light,
That an average observer out of context would confess,
Is the same name of the different shade which you suggest

Is called “black” or “white” as I hold up a tinted tile,
And even let you stare and ponder on it a while.
Yet in this regard I confess I’d do no better,
Subjected to the very same test right down to the letter,
The only thing I could say when proven wrong in the end,
Is “There are billions of shades of black, white, and grey, my friends.”