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The primary or “Home” section by default, displays my latest post regardless of its actual section or topic.  These are also archived in the “History” section by month, day, and post number. Throughout this site the use of true English (that is, U.K. English) spelling and grammar is preferred in almost all cases.  Cases in which these rules are not used are due to either having submitted a piece to a publication which requires American English rules, or else because the author was unaware of having violated the U.K. English standard.

The “Daily Thought” section– even more random– will be little more than literal thoughts of the day, no matter how trivial or inane.  The “Socio-Political” section addresses written articles involving society, politics, or both; and “Philosophy” contains philosophical questions, musings, and anecdotes.

The Menu headers of “Reviews” and “Creative”, are exactly what you might suppose: categories of articles which review and critique the creative works (or businesses, or places) of others, and this author’s original creative concepts, respectively.  Much of this author’s creative writing however, is posted first to Deviant Art, to ensure both the piece’s longevity and creative license to the piece.

. . . the Name

“Duality and Equilibrium” and “1and1are1” as phrases, are closely related.  They each have to do with the ideas of balance (or harmony, “equilibrium”) and unity– as balance is, essentially, unity.  One cannot attain true balance within oneself, without finding oneself fully unified– and vice-versa.  When I say “unified” in reference to a single entity, I mean the state that one achieves when they have achieved full congruence between idealism and action.  When one’s ideologies no longer conflict, one’s cognitive dissonance has been overcome, and one is acting through one’s intent, one is in balance– or is “harmonious”, or “unified”.

Next, is the idea expressed in “1and1are1”: this is the realisation that two or more entities, living in true harmony, are as a single entity.  When two or more beings fully compliment each others’ lives, they are living as if in a constant dance; stepping into the space of another just as that other leaves the space to step into the space formerly occupied by the first.  This concept is represented in many symbols throughout the world: in East Asian cultures, the Yin-Yang; in cultures of Celtic descent, the Triskelion; in Hindu and other cultures, the Swastika represents similar concepts, as does the Hebrews’ Star of David (a.k.a. Solomon’s seal).

Finally, the Duality part acknowledges the concept that everything is both itself, and it’s opposite, which is a sort of balance.  Context can considerably alter the meaning of practically anything, which creates the aforementioned reality.  Even this, is a sort of balance.  The core idea driving the majority of my philosophies, is that the universe balances out to a zero-sum.  For every action, there is a reaction.  For every cause, there is an effect.  For every negative, there is a positive.  These are indisputable facts of the fundamental basis of our reality.  These are the thoughts which drive my mind.

. . . the Author


Clayton A. D.
Circa 2010

Hailing from a small town not far from St. Louis, MO, Clayton A. D. has been writing since 1996. With a smattering of linguistic knowledge and travel experience through a variety cultures, his unfettered curiosity leads him on a never-ending quest for knowledge.

Despite having been actively involved in social movements like Occupy, which required a lot of socialisation and face-time with strangers, Clayton is a rather private person who keeps a small but very close group of friends. His interests range from language and culture, to martial arts; fringe sciences; renewable energy; the progressive social conversations regarding gender, “race”, and religion; high technology; social dynamics; and a myriad of topics in-between.

He is currently unmarried, and has no children. He lives with one of his childhood best friends, and near his family with whom he grew up.