A Druid’s Love-Note

Lo, elusive Dryad,

Yes, I see you there!

Frolicking about the copse,

Sky-clad without care!


Greetings little Dryad,

Hath thou come to dance?

Pink and pretty petals part,

When thou deign’st romance.


Happy little Dryad,

Leaves so soft and lush,

Feel my whispers ‘twixt thy boughs,

Worry not, to blush.


Mischievous One, Dryad,

Sparkling so gay!

I shall teach thee how I please,

Solid, woody ways.


Concupiscent Dryad,

Moss so damp with dew,

Biting nicer than thy bark,

Mine be as that, too.


Sweet and gracile Dryad,

Let us plant this seed,

Be now mine, and I be thine,

Sating each one’s need.


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