Argen Fluxx

This concept was created specifically for Pathfinder the tabletop RPG, but could easily be adapted to any fantasy RPG or story setting.

Core Concept: Elven Hunter/Cultist

Devout Lawful-Good member of a branching cult of Erastil, Argen is particularly dedicated to the lunar archetype. His cult believes all things have a masculine and feminine aspect, and fall somewhere on a scale between two extremes; a sect of the Erastilian church who worshipped Erastil’s Hunter aspect, these cultists began to associate this aspect with the moon, which they in turn decided was the Hunter’s feminine form.

Argen was raised by a very powerful and headstrong mother, and a very compassionate and patient father. He learned to obey the laws of the kingdom AND of nature; to acknowledge both the virtues of love and power. These concepts were particularly reinforced through his parents, but were generally supported by the cult as well– which was no coincidence, given the immense influence his own mother had over the cult’s present-day constitution.

Ever-aspiring to prove himself spiritually, Argen gives everything he has to be the best hunter, the best archer, the best scout, and the most benevolent person that he can be. This often comes into conflict however, with his mischievous nature, and the particular bent of how he perceives actions to be for the “greatest long-term good”.

While quite averse to making any display in front of others that might cause them to suspect he would ever break the law, he’s not above bending rules– or in extreme cases, even breaking them– when necessary. He genuinely tries to avoid it when he can, but has never believed that something as “arbitrary as kingdom politics” should ever stand in the way of natural justice.

Argen’s cult are practitioners of natural magic as well as being avid hunters, and so they are adept both martially and divinely. Especially focused on mental magics and divination, they are known– in areas where they are known at all, which are few– for elaborate machinations, working in the shadows to bring down masterminds of the underworld.

Argen has but recently come of age, and has everything in the world to prove. Though he has a healthy sense of self-worth and confidence, he tries his best not to let his–sometimes excessive– pride and vanity get the better of him. Sometimes he overcompensates this way, and is especially modest when he feels the threat of vast pride swelling up in him.

For better or worse, Argen is a genuine agent of goodness and virtue. He will fight off the evil that lurks in the darkness, even as he embraces that cloak of darkness for his own cover. Brave, loyal, and true to the end, Argen makes an excellent companion for any adventuring company.


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