Facebook Warrior

Facebook warrior

Must post gorier

Pictures to worry ‘er,

Fashion true stories or

Blast to prehistory.

Last knew: insistently

Grass roots intensity.

Presidents for people, free.

Not today, it’s “Mr. Me”.

Small-hands, orange-fisted creep.

Puppetmaster while puppets sleep.Entertain the simple sheep,

Voted king so we could geek.

MAGA hats with blinding peeks,

Aristocrats of poop and pee.

Classy, no? It’s how I see.


Social justice man,

Dreams of Japan,

Still can’t fix shit

In his own land–

By his own hand,

Efforts crumble like sand.

Trained to stay inside

Four walls to take calls

Where his pride hides;

All in all it’s just a stall,

Cause these walls are all

Inside his own hide. The gall.

The nerve of this twerp to

Claim he’s a social justice jerk,

While the rest of us hard at work,

He sits at home tokin’ grow and

Watchin’ Miley Cyrus twerk.

Pops a couple o’ Percs and sits

Back to a pleasant heart attack

From fatty snacks that snatch his

Health so those of wealth

Can get their kickbacks. It’s a trap.


PC Police

Now got my niece,

Thinkin’ it will

Be a breeze cause

She’s too young to see

The sleeze.

To them it comes with ease.

Then men who run these

Things are on Laughin’ Street.

They think they can’t be beat,

And every day we say “Nay” to unity,

We prove them right and show this

is how it’s “meant to be”.


Racism and patriotism,

Misandry and misogyny,

Class divides, religious pride,

Atheist insults intellectually.

Can we all just get along?

Oh, please.

You’d rather war, it provides

Distraction for your service whore.

Traction for your sex and gore to

Slip their way inside your door–

While at the same time, on your

Dime, the MPAA claims you abhor;

Censoring true artists who

Try to make their statements MORE.

I now implore: seek the truth for

What lies in store, is a rabbit hole of

Metaphor. Correspondences galore.


Belief in coincidence

Is privilege.

Time to stir up

The village.

Time to fight those

Who pillage,

Criminals convicted:

Constant spillage.

How much are we willin’

To endure these villains?

While they’re killin’

Our fish, our krill an’

Whatever else it takes

To profit till the end?

You realise these bad guys

Don’t care if the whole world dies,


Their power and control comes

At the cost of your childrens’ lives.


You ignore the cries of

Those who try to cross our borders

By walks, drives, or flies,

Yet you don’t despise the

Conditions which drive

Those people to leave their lives

In the first place– WHY?!

Nobody wants to be uprooted,

They KNOW they might die!

They take the chance to make new lives

In lands where their work might be

A worthwhile sacrifice!

The place they left is even LESS nice

Than working in secret, in constant fear of


Can you imagine that kind of life?


No, you can’t.

Just like ants,

You have no empathy,

No sympathy,

You can’t feel sorry for

Those who aren’t you,

So you uphold policies or

Vote-in demagogues

Whose legacy, epilogue

Will be intolerance.

This pedagogue

Won’t suffer fools, nor

Use broken tools

To fight a useless war.

So I sit back to

Rat-a-tap-tap on

A keyboard,

Too bored for

What life has in store.

Doin’ nothing

‘Cause nothing’s more

Fun than being a useless

Facebook warrior.


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