Too Busy Working to Work!

The way that life goes– at least my life, I don’t know if it’s like this for everyone– it’s like a TV show, pretty much all the time. It’s not always the same kind of show; sometimes it’s a sit-com, other times its a drama, often: an HBO late-night special.

The coincidences and plot-hooks abound.

In this case, I meet the love of my life, but there’s so much change to be made, so many sacrifices called for. I leave behind the Nine-to-five grind of the normal world, but that of course means more work in a different direction.

Even still, I’ll take the new over the old. I’m sick of the old. I’ve been mentally “checked out” from working meaningless mundane jobs, for a very long time now. I’ve tried to be a part of that “normal” world, but I’m just not “normal”.

Do I think I’m “special”? That I shouldn’t have to work like everyone else? No, not really. I think that I, and people like me, aren’t meant to work in the *same ways* as most people. Whether that’s because we’re “special” or just “weird”, I’ll leave you to determine– besides which, I know I’m weird.

I haven’t quite been on my “every day” posting habit (yet) which I’m trying to cultivate; but at least I’m getting here more frequently now– and besides, I’ve got a great excuse: I’ve been too busy working on stuff that’s actually important.

It’s a nice change.


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