Rat Maze

ratCheeseIt has become apparent to me that no matter what I do, as long as I’m still running this common rat-maze of life, I’ll never be happy or satisfied.

That’s why, at my lover’s suggestion, I will no longer continue to do this. I’ve already put in my two weeks to quit my job, and I won’t be going back– to any normal job.

She– my partner in all things– and I are going to work in the direction of our hearts’ true north. She’s already long-since abandoned the world of the drone, and she’s been living through her intention and purpose.

This is what I’ve been trying to accomplish for a long time, but it’s so easy to get sucked back into the rat maze. I’ve been practising living intentionally for a while now– but as my awareness grows ever higher and stronger, I see more and more ways to practise this and make it congruent to my core.

For example: not working a hum-drum nine-to-five retail job in which I receive no respect, and am forced to cater to the lowest-common-denominator of humanity.

I use my skills of diplomacy and persuasion for barely more than minimum wage, to earn “incentives” of ten cents (or less) at a time, meanwhile gaining the company significantly more than that. My ability and experience in customer service alone is worth far more than what I’m being compensated, and I feel my time is thus being wasted. Add to that my breadth of knowledge and experience (oh, and of course my impressive humility!) and my pay-check begins to feel a lot more like a joke that I’m the butt of, than a means of sustenance.

I’m not just complaining, though– I’m doing something about it. The time has come, and I’m taking action. We really shouldn’t complain about that which we have control over– this is an ethical paradigm. What’s funny, is that this concept is perfectly reasonable, logical, and emotionally valid– and it comes from a philosophy for which I have very little respect: satanism.

I’m not going to get into all that in this rant, the point is just that I’ve learned the things I know from a great variety of sources– one more thing which adds to my value– and these days, I’m aware of my value.

I went through too much of my life with my head and eyes always down, just getting by on whatever scraps were thrown my way. I’m worth more than that. So are you.

Don’t let this life tell you that you’re only worth the crumbs of cheese the fat rats at the top/centre of the maze are willing to let roll off their greasy, rotund bodies. You’re worth your own block of cheese. Hell, you don’t even need the cheese, you get to decide what’s important, and it doesn’t have to be cheddar.

You dig?

Money. I’m talking about money.

Don’t throw your life away chasing someone else’s dream, unless that’s your own dream.


That’s how many days you have to live, assuming you live the human (approximate) average of 80 years.

What are you doing with each of those days?

What am I doing?

I know what I’m not doing any more:

running the rat maze.


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