Silly Girl, Watch Star Wars

If your eyes were carbs,

I’d wanna get fat,

If your anger were stars,

I hope it would be black,


Like a portal to your soul,

I’d explore so deep inside, and

You’d never let me go.

A quantum singularity of

Your secret personality,

I’d be the only one to see, and

This would be your gift to me.

My affection could be molten rock,

The pressure’d surely grow,

I couldn’t quite contain it and

Explode like volcanoes.

I’d write a sonnet filled with doves,

(Although they’d likely die)

So when you opened up that page,

You’d get blood in your eye.

So I’ll just stick to open verse, and

Pray it doesn’t leave you terse, for

Your absence strangles like a curse,

Til you return, I just feel worse.

So if your heart was made of debt,

I’d fight to become poor,

I’d spend far more than I’d earned yet,

With more joy than I could store.

If your attention was a sting,

I’d let it prick me well,

With every ounce of my being,

I’d take it ’til I fell.

So share with me your love and hate,

Don’t leave me here to masturbate,

For your return I just can’t wait!

(Even tho I’m pretty great!)


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