Earthling Redemption

Feelin ravenous,

Like spasms this

Emotion: ungladness

Untouched by blandness

Is also unfathomed by masses.

Crashin life classes

Brown glasses of

Beer and bourbon so classless

Its trashiness–

Brash and


Is happenin’!

Be glad for me in

Every mode of Personality;

it’s Beneficial

To my animosity.

I’m lost at sea–

But don’t pity me–

My lostness is reckoning.

The “isness” and “suchness”

Have more meaning

Than at first you would think

Though it seems silly.

I thought the same thing too,

Before I peered so much more deeply.


At first glance the times you chance a dance with conspiracy

Seem pointless or even like negativity.

Not true.

For the you that’s in me also sees me in You.

Think it through.

These are not words of confusion

Or malicious illusion

Set to give false impressions

Of intellect or

Lofty delusions.

Duality be

Nature’s reality;


“Seen?” means “Do you know what I mean?”

These things

That I hope that you glean,

When the silk screen

Is lifted and shifted

Away from the high-beams

To let the curtain-call fall

Back to Earth with all of us human beings.

Like a dream-team

Of ether-surfing

Surfs and jerks twerking

On a high wave lurking

Over city shorelines–

Bovines and canines alike

Giving high-five goodbyes

While the human animal just cries

Then dies.

I try not to despise

The common ilk–

Sobbing over spilt milk–

The fetid mess of humanity,

Cannibals resting

On Insecurity and apathy,

Sifting the silt,

Duress pressed deep

And dug in Straight to the hilt.

Listen, if thou wilt,

This is how it must go,

For the Bible says so–

Says this all happened before–

But no more.

Still you must know

Something like this lies in store.


Whatever maladies and lies

Rise up from the floor

We “killed God” so

There’s no-one left to implore.

Just some dusty book shelves

Once filled with self-help now


‘Cause we all took plenty

As we just kept helping ourselves.

Yeah, my words can hurt,

When I tend to blurt

And Delve

Deep into the shadows and dirt


Tears we decry and deny

While we skirt and flirt

With the idea that we aren’t building the Nine Hells;

But those tears could fill wells.

And now all that’s “we”

Comes back to the sea,

The endless ocean and motion

This sensation potion,

We call “humanity”.

Have you followed me?

My harrowed message, you see?

See it quite gladly.

See it through truly.

See through me clearly.

I am free.

I am free.


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