Living Intentionally

A lot has been said on this topic, and I won’t expound it further, but I feel that I needed to briefly address something that changed my life– or at least, contributed to that change.


My favourite author has long-been Charles Ludwig Dodgson– a.k.a. “Lewis Carroll”.


A lot of misconceptions exist about Carroll, his drug use, etc; these are indeed, misconceptions, based on little more than speculation regarding the oddity of what he wrote.  I’m not addressing this further, however, in this particular post.


He once wrote in a letter to a friend, “To be sure, the best rule is that we should not dare to live in any scene in which we dare not die.”


I found this to be profound, and it set me on a path.  I quit my job working at a call centre shortly thereafter, and have been making choices to increase my happiness more than my wealth, ever since.  I don’t regret it, even though I now find myself lacking in funds compared to the majority of people I meet my age (or even younger).  I’m also currently in a place where I’m somewhat forced to chase the money– however, I’m now doing it on my own terms.

What Carroll wrote doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t ever do things we don’t want to do– he means that we should live deliberately; live through our intention, and not just pass day by day with no purpose, or simply by “accident”.

Whatever you do today: choose to do it.  Don’t let it choose you.

Peace. ❤


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