Terra’s Womb: Cult of Gaea

The following is a write-up intended to portray, in practical example, the attitudes and personalities of a villain group usable in any fantasy/occult RPG setting, the Gaean cult “Terra’s Womb”.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa, wait a second– you mean to tell me you’re literally a mother-fucker?!  You had sex with your mom?!”

“Hey, I’m adopted!  I hadn’t seen my mother since I was four years old, and nearly thirty years later, yeah, I didn’t recognize her!  All I saw was a hot bimbo with big fake tits and a tight fake face; I figured she was hot and wealthy, so why not give it a go?  I mean, it’s not like I knew–”

“– But DUDE. . . you had sex with your mom!”

“AAARGH!” Jason screamed, “Stop saying that!”

Garth shook his head, straight sandy-brownish/blonde hair hanging loosely in his face, a soft green headband vainly in place to hold it back.  He picked up his acoustic guitar and walked to the opposite side of the camp fire.

“Not cool, Bro,” Garth said, still shaking his head, “that’s gross.”

You’re one to judge!” Skylar scoffed, rolling her eyes, “You fuck pigs.  I mean, you’re literally a pig-fucker,”

“Ugh,” Garth replied, “Yeah, well at least I don’t eat human flesh,”

Skylar flicked her long dark reddish-brown hair over her shoulders, and shot a glance back toward him, “Yeah, ’cause that’s worse,”

“Children, children!” Yani soothed, emerging from the bushes with a very young, topless, moderately-busted blonde girl; her pupils huge and fully consuming her eyes, clearly doped up on some hallucinogen.

“Why the anger?  Why the hostility?” he asked, “It’s all under-way!  There’s no need to fret or be tempered; Mama’s gonna set everything right.  She’s spoken to me– our lives are really going to turn around from here on out!”

At that very moment, a huge, black-furred creature bound out from behind some trees, causing all five to hop, startled.

Like a bear, the creature was somewhat hunched forward while standing on its hind legs, long clawed limbs protruding out in front of it.  The creature’s head was easily 15 inches wide, and 20 inches high; it looked much like a bear indeed– but in fact, it was more like a vaguely-humanoid wolf.

At first, they all cowered away from the creature, but when Yani, bushy-haired and bearded as he was, stood regally up before the creature and spoke to his cult in hushed tones, the others began to relax somewhat.

“Children, do not fear!  This is one of mother’s finest creations!  The werewolves of her womb!  They combat mother’s foes, and–” were the last words Yani spoke, as the creature suddenly and unprovoked, explosively snapped at– and bit off– Yani’s head, and part of this right shoulder.

The cultists all screamed, and hopped up to flee, but their attempts were of no use, as this giant bear-like wolf was only one of several similar creatures around.  The werewolves rounded up the fleeing cultists like little rats into a maze, then promptly dismembered and ate them all.

When the deed was all done, the first monster to appear dropped to one knee, and in an obscure language known only to her own kind, prayed,

“We thank thee mother, that in thy goodness and wisdom, thou hast lead us to this fine bounty of hominids in thy service.”  The other wolves looked on with amused smirks.  As she finished she got up, motioned to the others, and they all dashed off into the night; leaving only scraps on bones and pools of blood behind.


Interested story-tellers should note that the werewolves are the actual Gaean cult referenced by the title.  The story was meant to be misleading.



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