Balance Shifters

I write this for myself, and for you.

Is it more for me?

Is that relevant? If it benefits us equally?

Does it matter if I write for my own ego?

If this is to make me feel better or bigger, does it really make a difference, as long as the words hit home?

You matter.  You are important.

As far as anything in this entire universe does, including the universe itself, you matter.

What you do matters. What you think matters.

Action is a direct consequence of thought.

Thought is a direct consequence of what you’re taught–

And what you teach yourself.

It’s all philosophy, and that’s why philosophy is so important.

If you can’t justify your own philosophies, you can’t justify your own thoughts–

And if lack of justice in this world is not one of our biggest problems, then our problems are far bigger than I’m able to conceive.

I don’t think that’s the case.

I grew up in a world which– I was taught– was full of love.

People are meant to love each other, and I know that my generation was taught with the same principles.

We, brought up in school, were taught to believe that our problems can be solved.

We were lead to believe that each problem was in the midst of being solved, that they were being worked on in earnest and would probably not even be problems by the time we were grown; but if they were, we were shown how we could make a difference and solve these problems ourselves.

It’s our mental health that that’s the problem now…

… And our spirits.

We know the issues out there and we’re tired of them, but we, raised to be Generation X: the extremes! The apathetic, ineffectual, too cool to care generation of Godlessness.

We’re taught that science solves all of our problems, and that means that there’s no magic left in this world, and certainly no divine miracles.

But has it? Where is science to fix our moral decay? Where is science to narrow our gaps between law and justice?

There is science, and science helps, but more often we practice science without humanity.

Ghandi spoke of this in his “Seven dangers to human virtue”.

He also spoke of “Religion without Sacrifice”– which may not be what you think. He wasn’t talking about a “sacrificial lamb” (a la Yeshu’a / Jesus Christ),

He meant personal sacrifice. A lot of people giving up a little, so that a lot of people may gain a little. It isn’t that difficult, we just give what we can.

And in the giving, we shift the balance, ever so slightly.

More than the giving itself, the idea of giving shifts the balance.

Each choice you make, each idea you think of, each philosophy you hold, shifts the balance of this world slightly toward the positive or negative.

It seems almost chaotic, as if out of our control, but there’s one ultimate power bestowed upon us by ourselves or the Creator:


Choice is the unexplainable variable. We have conscious thought, we have the ability and the right, and the *obligation* to choose, and choose wisely.

Every day is a new choice. Every minute, every second, we can choose to divert our path to a new one, and whether we make that choice consciously or not, we still choose.

So it behooves you to choose wisely. Consider your decisions, and where do they take you?

Are you going down a positive or negative road?

Wherever you go, you take a little piece of this world with you…

… And it matters.

Your choices matter.

You matter.

You are matter. Matter is energy, energy is vibration, and every choice carries positive and negative vibrations.

So send positive vibes, because vibes travel like waves, and waves always bounce back when they hit another point of matter.

So it matters what vibes you choose.

It matters whether you know.

Do you know?

Do you choose to know?

Do I know?

Does it matter if the answer is “no”?

If I’m writing this just for my own ego…

… Does it matter?


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