Another Sleepless Night in Bed Alone

I feel like I fell in a cell,
I never was mentally well,
Least not since the age of 12.
Deeper inside my fire,
You may wanna call me a liar,
But there are purposes ever higher
That I desire.
I cry like I’m singin’ a choir,
My pain is a funeral pyre,
We soak ‘er in gas and then fry ‘er.

Rewrite midnight framed minds.
Mind-frame stagefright blind games,
Trying to make sense of mind games,
In time, blame
Me for every time I did wrong,
No credit for rights I did long,
Cryin’ over spilt milk that sat strong.
Never making appearance between joints,
Arguments with paper-machet points,
Entire lifetimes that we annoint,
With love stains.

Your silence is heard like a deafening blast,
I wanted to stay but we never could last,
I feel like the past,
Caught up here at last,
I’d tell ya my name but we got here too fast.
I’d tell you the truth but it just wouldn’t take,
I tell you the beautiful lies for your sake,
You might think I’m fake,
Reality breaks,
If only you knew what was really at stake.

The future’s a joke and it really don’t matter,
Whether the present is tomorrow’s latter,
The fat-cat gets fatter,
The hatter gets madder,
Let’s bake you a cake made of heartbreak and batter,
I’d like to appear but first cut down the chatter,
I never upsat her,
Er, never upset her,
Or whether the weather is worthy of sweaters,
Or unleather black leather jackets are pleather,
I never met Heather,
And fucked her, I never,
But you’ll believe things so convenient. Whatever.


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