Thought: Abashed

For all the evil and horror in this world, I stand abashed, and on the verge of tears, in the wake of its staggering beauty and goodness.


Hate Speech

All black people: hate whites. White people: hate yourselves, since you didn’t have to be prompted to hate everyone else. Men: never listen to anything a woman says, and women: generalise everything and blame and hate all men for all of it (it’s true anyway).

Non-gun-owners: don’t stop at “gun control”, get all guns taken away from everyone who has them, because something unimportant to you can’t possibly be important for any reason. Gun owners: keep giving the non-gun-owners fuel by refusing to compromise on anything, no matter how much sense it makes.

Pro-abortionists: never admit to any moral responsibility for ending a feasible human life, and anti-abortionists: never admit that there’s ever a time when it might be necessary– or even just make a lot of fucking sense– for someone who doesn’t want or can’t bear a healthy child, to terminate a pregnancy.

Coal workers: you’re doing great, I’ve got nothing to say to you folks who are making a living on the energy-source of double-edged death. Keep it up! Alternative-energy folks: what are you, pussies? You don’t want to get grabbed by the president, do you? You deserve to pay a 3000% markup due to arbitrarily-increased solar-panel tarifs, Lord Dampnut did everyone a favour!

If you’re a person I’ve missed and/or you have no idea what I’m talking about, then argue over some shit that doesn’t matter. Whose sports team is sportsing hardest right now? I bet it’s not yours, those other guys sports way harder. We have to hate each other now. Also The Big Sunny Philadelphia is way funnier than It’s Always in Bang Theory– or whatever false-dichotomy sit-com pair is most relevant right now.

Now tear each other up for my amusement and the glee of our puppet-masters. We want to see blood… and sexual fluids.

A Druid’s Love-Note

Lo, elusive Dryad,

Yes, I see you there!

Frolicking about the copse,

Sky-clad without care!


Greetings little Dryad,

Hath thou come to dance?

Pink and pretty petals part,

When thou deign’st romance.


Happy little Dryad,

Leaves so soft and lush,

Feel my whispers ‘twixt thy boughs,

Worry not, to blush.


Mischievous One, Dryad,

Sparkling so gay!

I shall teach thee how I please,

Solid, woody ways.


Concupiscent Dryad,

Moss so damp with dew,

Biting nicer than thy bark,

Mine be as that, too.


Sweet and gracile Dryad,

Let us plant this seed,

Be now mine, and I be thine,

Sating each one’s need.

Summer Oath

We soon will face a trial like none before,

A separation meant to test our will,

Although we can’t know what else lies in store,

Your countenance will rest in my mind, still.

My love for you is like a Northern snow,

It coats and brightens everything I see,

While you’re away I long for you to know,

I’ll keep your treasured heart so close to me.

It won’t be long until we’re joined again,

Despite the parting sorrow that we face,

This may feel like a distance without end,

For you, forever, my soul holds a place.

Don’t forget the tests we’ve overcome,

The love between us cannot be undone.

“Fire” excerpt from “Secret Manual of the Unknown Shinobi: Yuureihana”

Chapter 3: Metaphysics – The Four Basic Elements

a. Fire –

Fire is perhaps, the first most important of all the elements to discuss, because it is the most misunderstood, and its true nature is too often taken for granted. Obviously, it is an element of destruction, capable of ravaging all from a child’s wooden sword, to the entire lumber supply of a kingdom. Yet how often do you look up in the sky, notice the sun, Continue reading

Free the Pot People!


I’m gonna give it to you straight off the bat with the TL;DR Version: Punishment for unjust laws is unjust punishment. Especially black and Hispanic/Latino people who have been jailed in the United States for non-violent marijuana-related offenses (but also everyone else jailed for these offenses) should be set free and their records’ cleared. This is true because the War on Drugs which Nixon launched in the 70’s was a scam based in racism and political agenda, and now that we’re proving empirically that “weed” is not a danger and should never have been a “Schedule 1” controlled substance to begin with, already-rich old white men are now capitalising on the industry to become even richer and whiter. Okay, probably not whiter, but it stands to reason that everyone who’s in prison for offenses related only to weed, have been unjustly/indefensibly/irresponsibly imprisoned. If we allow these pirates of industry to Continue reading

Do You Call That Justice?

What is the point of a “Justice system” if not to dispense “justice”? What even is “Justice”? Well, let’s define our terms:

Personally, I feel that justice is the authoritative judgement against wrongdoing, which results in correcting that which was “wrong”, to the greatest possible “right”.

Let’s look at an easy example: murder.

When someone is murdered, the greatest “right” to correct that “wrong”, would be to Continue reading

Dreams, Nightmares, Reality

“A dream is a wish your heart makes

When you’re fast asleep

In dreams you will lose your heartaches

Whatever you wish for, you keep

Have faith in your dreams and someday

Your rainbow will come smiling through

No matter how your heart is grieving

If you keep on believing

The dream that you wish will come true”

“A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes”, Cinderella, — Walt Disney

You won’t often find me Continue reading