Twin Helix Comet Vision

Were you nearly snatched by claws of death,

Would Mine be the first flesh to feel your breath?

Would you throw your arms around my neck,

And squeeze me tight til there was nothing left?

I’ve seen the chaos in the stars and light,

By witches’ peril— that also their might,

I’ve crossed the veil between my mind and sight,

So hear me well, together: this, our plight.

Battles both within and those without,

Rocking cages, inside is our bout,

Can’t live with, but cannot thrive without,

Banish now, all that remains in doubt.

The steps are taken, path is walked aflame,

And burn together, one, our spirits’ name,

There is a test, but heed my words: no game,

Together we will pass or fail the same.

“Progressive” Auto-Insurance is a Scam

“Progressive” auto-insurance are scam-artists, and anything but “progressive”.

Let me tell you the experience I just had with them:

First, I should preface this by explaining that most of my adult life, I’ve lived in a city with great public transportation, and while I’ve maintained my driver’s license my whole life, and driven quite a bit compared to most residents of that city, I’ve never had to own a vehicle or therefore have insurance in my name— until I moved to the rural Mid-West.

So I’m getting quotes on auto insurance; my buddy tells me “Progressive” is the way to go for the best rates. Before speaking with him on the matter, I got a quote already from a local State Farm rep, who didn’t give me anything like the following situation.

As I’m going through the standard (already invasive) questioning that agents put you through in order to get insurance (remember auto-insurance is required for all drivers, we don’t have the freedom to decline) she asked me my marital status. This was annoying given that it doesn’t seem like that would be a factor in how safe I’ll be on the road or how it would cost the company additional money, but I can at least understand that married people may occasionally drive each others’ vehicles, and therefore the company is assuming more risk. So I let it pass, and I answered.

Then she asked me my level of education— which the State Farm guy didn’t ask me.

Now I wasn’t entirely against giving her an answer at this point, but I was curious as to why it was relevant. Her answer infuriated me.

“That’s one of the questions for our policies,” she said.

“Yeah, but ~why is it relevant~?” I repeated.

“That’s one of the questions for our policies,” she said again.

I rephrased my question, citing the practical reality that a person who’s gotten a doctorate in any field but who has never driven, will be a bigger policy risk than someone who’s a dirt-farmer but has driven for twenty years with no accidents— so how is the level of education relevant to the acquisition of your policies?

She gave me— I shit you not, LITERALLY the exact same answer in reply,

“That’s one of the questions for our policies.”

I shouted at her, “You know what? I don’t think your company is very honest, and I don’t trust you!” And hung up.

Now, it’s entirely possible that she simply didn’t know the answer, but this infuriated me for two reasons: first, as an agent taking this information and selling me a policy, she should know why the company is going to consider my level of education; that sort of incompetence in their agents doesn’t give me faith in the company.

Secondly, it’s very likely she knew exactly why they were asking, and whether or not she did know, she was being dishonest by repeatedly giving me the non-answer “It’s one of our questions,” to my question, “WHY is it relevant?”

My immediate suspicion (later confirmed by a supervisor I called back and spoke with) was that having a higher level of education would lower your rate. Before I get into a rant about that, let me tell you how the conversation with the supervisor went:

I went through their bot gatekeeper again (when you call the company you get a terribly stupid AI, which doesn’t have an option for new customers seeking a policy, so you basically have to scream at it or say “Agent” over and over in order to speak with someone about starting a policy— and then of course, you have to be transferred to the correct region to deal with you).

I got an agent, and with collected calm and professionalism, I explained that I was considering a policy with their company, and asked why the level of education question was relevant. She couldn’t answer, offered to transfer me to a sales agent. I explained I already spoke with one from my region, who refused to give me an answer. I said I just want to speak with someone who can answer my question.

10 more minutes on hold, and I get a supervisor.

She introduces herself pleasantly, I explain the situation again, and she says, “It’s a factor in our policies.”

I said, “I’m aware of that. I want to know WHY it’s a factor.” She gave me almost exactly the same spiel as the sales agent at first, but after a couple of times of rephrasing what I’m asking (because apparently my direct question was SO confusing!) she let slip that it can affect your rate. She said it like this,

“… because if you have a high school education for example, you can get a different rate than if you had vocational school, or military. You could also have a different rate from college—“ at that point, I cut her off, because it took THIS LONG to get the answer I suspected from the beginning, but it still didn’t explain WHY it would affect the rate.

So I clarified my question (for the umpteenth time) and gave her my inexperienced driver vs. experienced driver reasoning using a “dirt-farmer” high-school dropout vs. a person with a degree in nuclear physics. I repeated, “HOW is their education, rather than experience driving, relevant?”

FINALLY, she admitted— accidentally, while tripping up on her words, and I’m goin to paraphrase to get to the heart of what she was saying— that it’s a matter of socio-economic status.

Ultimately, they judge your rate by your economic CLASS. Do you see what I’m getting at? You’re charged more if you didn’t go to post-secondary education, because you’re assumed to be a lower CLASS. You’re charged more still, if you went to Vocational school or got a GED, than if you graduated high-school.

People talk about not stirring the pot because they don’t want class warfare, but we’re ALREADY in class warfare, and if you’re not making HUNDREDS of millions, you’re already on the losing side. If you’re at least making enough to go to college, you’re thrown the scraps and bones of the elites, to make you feel more important than those who can’t afford it, but you’re still being exploited by the multitude of systems— even if you’re a millionaire.

People have often asked me (or implied the question) why I care about these things? Why do I focus on them, why burn energy on these issues? Why not just pay attention to what affects my own life?

THIS exact sort of situation is ~exactly~ why. It ultimately DOES affect my own life. It’s not just Progressive insurance (although the fact that they have that name while behaving like this absolutely disgusts me), it’s the entire industry! And it’s not just the insurance industry (although insurance is one of the worst, given that we’re forced to take various kinds of insurance to comply with the law or avoid drowning in debt) it’s across the board in the political and economic systems affecting our lives!

The only solution is to REFUSE to comply. REFUSE to submit. REFUSE to answer, or to take services from companies that are abusive, and call them out when they are abusive. When it comes yo insurance, we’re legally obligated to take them, so we have to change the laws which govern what they’re allowed to factor in when deciding whether to grant us a policy.

That will ultimately lead to our credit histories as well— a factor controlled by third-party interests— interests who can be bought, and who already use a myriad of factors to determine our credit scores, outside the fair and understandable factor of whether we pay our bills on time, or how much money we owe.

Are you OKAY with this kind of world? Honestly, do you think it’s right? Saying, “Oh that’s just the way it is, and always will be,” is neither accurate, nor is it an answer to my question. Be honest with yourself. Do you think the way we’re treated is RIGHT, or justified?

If you don’t, then let’s commit to doing something about it. We need FAIR laws governing how systems we’re forced to be a part of may judge and charge us.

Remember, the dollars you work for are gained by spending TIME from your life. That’s time you could have spent with family, loved ones, or just doing something you enjoy. It’s time you spent for someone else’s gain at the expense of your own.

When a company overcharges you, especially judging you on factors which may be beyond your control, they’re not just stealing your dollars;

They’re stealing your LIFE.

Hermetic Lover’s Parallax

An ever-growing addendum

To the madness of illogic’s throne

I see you sitting regally

Still searching for a home.


Piercing eyes, they scan the world

An atom at a time,

Laser precision cuts through space

But the scan is easy to side-step.


Here I stand, here I stand,

Made vulnerable to you.

I don’t want to live the way we do,

I know you feel it deep inside of you.

Here I am, here I am, Continue reading

The Riddle of Jendariel

The Riddle of Jendariel

As the problems of the world grew to an ultimate tumult, an angel appeared to its inhabitants. It spoke:

“I am Jendariel: avatar to the One most high.

I have come as harbinger of the Creator’s latest great gift to your mortal kind.

I am imbued with the power to answer any single question, and you have as much time as you like to think of it. I appear simultaneously elsewhere on your planet, that other cultures may also ask a question most relevant to them. One of me appears to Australia, one to Africa, three to Eurasia, and one to each of the Americas. Know this: you each have one question, and only one. Asking questions in such a way as to get more questions, will result in the offer for your gift being rescinded.

Take your time and ask carefully. I await your question.”

The people of the world took months to come up with their questions. They convened amongst each other and agreed not to ask any question which would bring harm to the others, and after what felt like a lifetime of debate, the North Americans finally asked their question:

“How can we fix all the problems in our society?”

Jendariel replied, “Your question is large and worthy. The answer however, is too long and complex for any of you to remember, and even if you were to record it perfectly, you will bicker and war over precisely how to interpret my words, exactly as your have done over your ‘Bible’. Instead, I will answer you in the way which will be the most accurate, truthful, and helpful, for you to understand and employ it; this way, you may truly fix all the problems in your particular society. That answer, as many of the most important answers of your world, comes in the form of another question:

‘What do the words “Slut, King,” and “Racism” have in common?’

Once you understand the answer to that, you will understand how to fix all of your problems.”

A present mortal objected, “Wait! That’s even worse than if you just gave us a long answer to argue over!”

Another shouted, “How’s that going to help us solve starvation and homelessness?!”

Yet another shouted, “Or whether we should allow gun rights or abortions?!”

Another interjected, “I TOLD YOU ALL we should have asked about the afterlife!”

Jendariel replied flatly, “You will fight less over this, than you would have over the long answer. Do you think to question the omniscient?”

The mortals began to protest again, but in the next instant the angel was already gone, with nothing left but its cryptic answer:

What do the words “slut, king,” and “racism” have in common?

Hate Speech

All black people: hate whites. White people: hate yourselves, since you didn’t have to be prompted to hate everyone else. Men: never listen to anything a woman says, and women: generalise everything and blame and hate all men for all of it (it’s true anyway).

Non-gun-owners: don’t stop at “gun control”, get all guns taken away from everyone who has them, because something unimportant to you can’t possibly be important for any reason. Gun owners: keep giving the non-gun-owners fuel by refusing to compromise on anything, no matter how much sense it makes.

Pro-abortionists: never admit to any moral responsibility for ending a feasible human life, and anti-abortionists: never admit that there’s ever a time when it might be necessary– or even just make a lot of fucking sense– for someone who doesn’t want or can’t bear a healthy child, to terminate a pregnancy.

Coal workers: you’re doing great, I’ve got nothing to say to you folks who are making a living on the energy-source of double-edged death. Keep it up! Alternative-energy folks: what are you, pussies? You don’t want to get grabbed by the president, do you? You deserve to pay a 3000% markup due to arbitrarily-increased solar-panel tarifs, Lord Dampnut did everyone a favour!

If you’re a person I’ve missed and/or you have no idea what I’m talking about, then argue over some shit that doesn’t matter. Whose sports team is sportsing hardest right now? I bet it’s not yours, those other guys sports way harder. We have to hate each other now. Also The Big Sunny Philadelphia is way funnier than It’s Always in Bang Theory– or whatever false-dichotomy sit-com pair is most relevant right now.

Now tear each other up for my amusement and the glee of our puppet-masters. We want to see blood… and sexual fluids.

A Druid’s Love-Note

Lo, elusive Dryad,

Yes, I see you there!

Frolicking about the copse,

Sky-clad without care!


Greetings little Dryad,

Hath thou come to dance?

Pink and pretty petals part,

When thou deign’st romance.


Happy little Dryad,

Leaves so soft and lush,

Feel my whispers ‘twixt thy boughs,

Worry not, to blush.


Mischievous One, Dryad,

Sparkling so gay!

I shall teach thee how I please,

Solid, woody ways.


Concupiscent Dryad,

Moss so damp with dew,

Biting nicer than thy bark,

Mine be as that, too.


Sweet and gracile Dryad,

Let us plant this seed,

Be now mine, and I be thine,

Sating each one’s need.

Summer Oath

We soon will face a trial like none before,

A separation meant to test our will,

Although we can’t know what else lies in store,

Your countenance will rest in my mind, still.

My love for you is like a Northern snow,

It coats and brightens everything I see,

While you’re away I long for you to know,

I’ll keep your treasured heart so close to me.

It won’t be long until we’re joined again,

Despite the parting sorrow that we face,

This may feel like a distance without end,

For you, forever, my soul holds a place.

Don’t forget the tests we’ve overcome,

The love between us cannot be undone.